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Waist 27-29 29-31 32-33 35-36 37+
Thigh 8.4825 8.97 9.4575 9.945 10.4325
Knee (1/2 inside leg) 5.07 5.3625 5.655 5.9475 6.24
Inside Leg 25.74 25.74 25.74 25.74 25.74
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Waist 74-78 79-81 82-84 85-87 88+
Thigh 21.75 23 24.25 25.5 26.75
Knee (1/2 inside leg) 13 13.75 14.5 15.25 16
Inside Leg 66 66 66 66 66

Viper Presión​ Jet Black Legging


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Utilising a complex patterned fabric structure imitating the scales of a Viper snake to provide a unique second layer against the skin and unmatched compression capability around key muscle groups.

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The Castore Viper Presión leggings are designed to meet the demands of world class athletes. Developed in conjunction with leading sports scientists and tested to endurance to prove they contain the tachymetric capabilities to support more rapid athletic recovery. Utilising advanced solar enabled technology to map the quadricep, hamstring and calf muscle groups and deliver enhanced support for greater performance. Suitable in both cold and warm training conditions.


  • Quadricep, hamstring, calf muscle group mapping - designed to reduce impact and dissipate the load transfer on key muscle groups. The graduated design reduces muscle strain, especially during the toe phase of running and helps reduce ground reaction forces on the muscles by minimising muscle oscillation.

  • Compression support to entire leg with PWX Flex thermal

  • Graduated compression for faster recovery and enhance blood circulation

  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafing


Product details

The graduated compression structure, providing higher levels of muscle support around the calves and lower legs with a progressive loosing towards the upper quadricep and hip area delivers optimum full-leg muscle support and supports superior blood flow back to the body to minimise lactic acid build up post intense exercise.

The superior compressive support delivered by the graduated structure and patented design of the Viper keeps key muscle groups secure. Best suited when worn immediately after intense exercise for up to 8 hours to allow muscles to benefit from the superior blood flow provided by the compression. Athletes who compete regularly and wear compression leggings as part of their routine will experience the enhanced muscle support.

With muscles locked in to the correct position when supported by the Viper compressive construction they naturally accelerate blood flow back to the heart which reduces lactic acid build up. The double bonding fabric structure around key muscles including the calves, hamstrings and quadriceps simultaneously remain secure to reduce risk of injury.

The layer tight structure of the Viper layering provides a second skin against the legs and provides maximum range of movement during exercises. The ultra high-flex nature of the fabric further supports multi direction body motion without sacrificing the graduated compression that ensures muscles remain structured and secure.

The Viper leggings have been designed with a single goal – to maximise muscles recovery after intensive exercise. From the graduate compressive structure that boosts blood flow and reduces lactic acid build up, to the double bonding feature around the key muscle groups to provide additional support.

Castore’s specialist Cold Black technology allows the fabric to remain cool even when exposure to external heat of up to 37 degrees. The heat reflective capability bounces back the vast majority of sunlight to keep to core fabric and skin underneath cool and refreshed. Perfect for intensive warm weather training.

The highly technical fabric construction has been designed to minimise weight whilst maximising muscle support. The Italian blend contains specialist nano-particles that reduce chafing against the skin and is highly breathable, pulling moisture away from the body to improve comfort as well as supporting minimal weight when the body produces sweat.